Interactive Advertisements

In today’s day and age advertisements have become a part of everyday life. On YouTube people watch commercials before they can view the video they want to watch, on Facebook people see ads on the side of their news feed, and on Twitter people see ads as they scroll down their timeline. No matter where a person turns, it seems impossible to avoid seeing an advertisement.

According to SJ Insights, adults are exposed to roughly 360 ads a day. It’s no shock that most people don’t like ads and find commercials annoying; but who can blame them when they are exposed to that many every day? But many social media platforms rely on ad revenue for a significant amount of their profits. For most social media platforms the solution to this is to provide users with options to avoid seeing ads. YouTube, for example, allows viewers to skip watching an ad after a certain amount of time and also offers YouTube Red, a paid-for subscription service that is ad free. Snapchat, however, takes a more creative approach.

Snapchat makes ads fun by including sponsored geofilters, which MarketingLand defines as “Digital stickers that Snapchat users overlay on photos and videos they post on the social messaging network.” Pictured below is an example of Snapchat users with a Disneyland geofilter.

Image result for disneyland geofilter

Snapchat also provides sponsored lenses, which adds real time special effects. Snapchat has created a new form of advertisements that not only their users appreciate, but can actually interact with and become a part of. With this new form of interactive advertisements, ads are getting more exposure. Instead of just reaching the individual who sees the sponsored geofilter, it also reaches whoever that user sends the snapchat too.

Snapchat has managed to turn advertisements, which were once viewed as an annoyance, into an enjoyable part of their app. With these geofilter and lens features Snapchat entices it’s users to include advertisements in the content they create. By presenting advertisements in a fun way that users can interact with, they are simultaneously making the app more enjoyable for users and expanding the reach of advertisements. By recognizing the desire of users to view their peers user generated content, Snapchat was able to capitalize by creating advertisements that become a part of the content users create.

With this additional content on the app, there is now so much more to do than send picture messages to friends. A user can post a picture with a cool, new geofilter, or browse the discover channel, or send their friends a funny video featuring a lens that makes them look 70. With all this additional content on the app, users are spending more time on it and the amount of users is constantly increasing, which only makes Snapchat more appealing for corporations looking to advertise to millennials.


One thought on “Interactive Advertisements”

  1. I never thought about geotags being advertisements because companies make them seem cool and funny, people want to use them on their pictures. It is really a genius way for companies to promote a product or service without paying someone to do it. Snapchat is also sneaking sponsored ads between stories today as well. Great post, really opened my eyes to how often we see ads without knowing it.


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